San Diego Local Seo

The Benefit of Local SEO – San Diego

SEO means search engine optimization. When people are looking for a drug store, they go to a search engine and type in something like, “drug store Henryville.” The search engine will then return a list of the drug stores in Henryville. If you own a drug store in Henryville, you will want your website to come up on the list as number one.images

That will lead people to your site, and then you have to have enough information on your website that will entice them to come to your store over everyone else’s. With engaging copy on your webpage, enticing offers and a friendly invitation, you have a good chance of having people walk through your front doors.

The keywords for the search in this case were “drug store Henryville.” They could be other words too, but you want to optimize key words that people are actually searching for, and you can find that out by going to the Google Keyword Search tool.


Then you gear your webpage to accommodate those key search terms and the people will end up at your site. Remember, you find out what people want and then you give it to them. In essence you are finding people who need what you have, and then you lead them to the source, which is you.

Your website should have informative and well thought out copy that explains the advantages that people will have if they shop at your drug store. Well, what do people want when they go to the drug store? Well, they want accurate, friendly and prompt service when they are getting their prescriptions filled, and if you can do that you will have them coming back for more. If that is what you do, tell them about it.

lots of quality back link

You should also develop lots of quality back links to your website, as google sees that and thinks that your site must be important, so you will get a boost in ranking because of that. Be sure that the links come from sites that are equal to your rank or higher to give them the maximum credibility. A good way to do that is leave relevant posts on blogs with a link to your site.

social media

Use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites. Facebook has over a billion users, and if a person likes your post, they can share it with others to the point you can get quite a crowd coming to your site.

Promote yourself locally in these ways and soon you’ll have a crowd coming to your business through these efforts.