Benefit of Local SEO – San Diego

Benefit of Local SEO – San Diego

Most people don’t realize the benefits of local SEO and are too focused on short tail keywords (smaller keywords and higher traffic) that they don’t consider the majority of their traffic can come from local companies. There are several factors to take into consideration when trying to place your local target market such as:

Population – Is there very people within a particular area to justify the effort of Search Engine Optimisation?

Competition – Has a brand been received within this area? If so, are they organized well just to be a market leader or is there a gap for your services?

Community – Is there a community website you can partner with in order to establish a relationship which is commonly beneficial to the Webmaster and your company?

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If you can recognize the above points then you can begin to market your brand or services to a local public. You can research local SEO very quickly; you can do so using Google Maps and local knowledge. Select 4 areas around where you trade and focus on these, one of the main benefits of local SEO is the competition is not that fierce if you avoid larger populated areas or countries. Keyword research tools should only be used as an indicator, if the competition is low and the search volume is comparatively high for that area.

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Local SEO uses less time and effort to manage so you should use this as a short term fix for traffic. Optimizing your website for local SEO can very quickly outweigh the benefits of ranking for a short tail keyword, for instance, 4 local search volumes could outweigh 1 short tail keyword and the time commitment, financial investment and tweaks are generally lower.

SEO is executed in two ways, on page and off page. On page SEO refers to edits made to a web property’s physical features such as the website’s title, description, keyword, body content, sub headings, links as well as the code (meta tags) that is not obvious to the naked human eye. You can click here to get details Applied Power System.