How to fix a Google Penguin Penalty by using Natural Anchor Text

Understanding How Google Penalties Work

Google is a business first and foremost, and it’s easy to forget that when it’s the most popular search engine for information everyone uses to the point where “Google” is even used as a verb. When looking at Google and how that company is run, thinking about Google as a business helps you think from their point of view and that’s the fastest way to understand Google Penalties, as well as how to avoid them.

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Google gets used because they give the best results. That means they have a vested interest in making sure not just any 10 websites show up on the front page. They want the best websites to show up and the best sites have excellent original information, add value, and meet the needs of the keyword’s intention whether this is for shopping for a specific product or finding out critical information.

Google Penalties are given to websites that don’t meet high standards such as:

– Being an authority in their niche
– Providing high-quality original content
– Excellent coding
– Being relevant to the keywords they rank for

SEO sometimes has been seen as a dirty word, but when it’s used to turn good websites into great ones that is not an issue. The issue is when terrible websites manipulate some of these ranking factors in order to get to the top of the rankings.images

Google doesn’t want to see poor information, design, or websites that don’t provide true value to get those top spots. That not only works out badly for Google by tarnishing their image but it makes advertisers less likely to spend money and customers less likely to come back. That’s never a good combination.

The most common way to game the search engine results in the past were by spamming keyword anchored backlinks to flood the old algorithm with dozens or even hundreds of links that would cause poor websites to rank above much higher quality websites.

When Google sees an obvious pattern like this they put penalties down. Penalties can related to individual pages or posts, draining the “authority” passed on from a website with a questionable link, or in extreme cases even banning an entire website from search results Google Penaltiesfor anything other than its name.

These penalties can sometimes be fixed naturally by fixing the issues that caused a penalty, but at other times an actual request will have to be put in, especially if Google marked a website as spam after a manual review.

This is a good overview of Google Penalties and why you need to understand how to give the search engine what they want.

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Hey guys, this is my live chat on the penguin update and how to avoid it’s penalties by using natural looking anchor text.