Seo Basics

SEO 101 For Beginners – Easy Tips And Strategies

Making money on the Internet, or even with a brick and mortar business, requires you to have traffic. Without traffic, especially targeted visitors, your ability to generate sales every day is going to be greatly compromised. Instead of using the traditional ways of advertising which include classified ads, marketing and SEO 101 For BeginnersGoogle and Facebook with PPC traffic, and even social media marketing, one of the better choices for many people is to do search engine optimization which can lead to long-term residual traffic. If you have never looked at SEO before, this article will provide you with the basics of what you need to know. Let’s discuss SEO 101 for beginners providing you with the tips and strategies that you will need to get started.

SEO 101

Search Engine Optimization is divided up into two distinct categories. First you must properly optimize your website and the second is that you must get backlinks pointing to every post and page. On-site optimization techniques involve using unique content on every page, and embedding videos to get fast top rankings. You need to use images that are related to your content, add outbound links to authority websites, and also connect

SEO-Checklistsimilar pages together within the different categories of products and services that your website cells. Off-Site Optimization requires you to either work with a business that can generate backlinks for you, or you can do this on your own. These links must come from websites that are related to what your website is presenting, originating from different Web 2.0 properties on different IP addresses. This is just a basic overview of what is expected of those that are trying to do SEO the right way. If it seems a little overwhelming, there are always professionals that understand how to do all of this, and can do so for an affordable rate.

Advanced SEO Techniques

There are two advanced techniques that people are using today to youtubeimprove their search engine optimization efforts. One of them includes creating their own YouTube Channel, posting videos related to their products and services, and adding a link back to their website in the description. Another strategy that wAdvanced Technologyorks very well is creating your own Facebook page and Posting content related to what you are selling. Both of these strategies can help you rank even faster in the search engines and potentially achieve page 1 rankings.

This basic overview of search engine optimization should help anyone that has never tried this before begin to properly modify their website and build links back to their website in a short period of time. And as mentioned before, if you don’t have the time or the expertise to do this on your own, you can always hire a professional that will be much more cost-effective than utilizing PPC advertising that is very expensive. Hopefully this basic overview that we are calling SEO 101 will lead you to a much more profitable year for your business.