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Local SEO Content in Carlsbad: Interested In Learning How To Post Content To Social Media Sites?

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Posting Content on Social Media Sites

Posting your videos or blog posts on social media sites is a great way to promote your business online. Ryan Steinolfson of Accelerate Marketing, Inc. suggests posting your local SEO content in Carlsbad to as many social media sites as possible. Although there are quite a few sharing sites to choose from, it is best to post your content to the ones specifically suggested by Google. A good way to find the most important social media sites that Google prefers is to look on your Youtube channel under your video. Posting your videos and blog posts to popular sharing sites gets your content out there for people to see and it will also help raise your ranking on Google.

The Top Social Media Sites

There are a large number of social media sites that you can use to help grow your business. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, tumblr, pinterest, linkden and Stumbleupon are the more popular sites and are a good choice because Google recommends using them. You may also consider posting your content to directories like, and

Preparing Content for Social Media Sites

Once you have done a video through a Google Hangout or have written a blog post on Word Press, your next step is posting the content to a sharing site. If you have made a video, Ryan Steinolfson suggests editing your video in the youtube video editor in order to break it into smaller pieces that allow you to target a key word in each video. For example, if you have done a video addressing 5 common questions about your business, break the video down into 5 smaller videos where you can address each question and use SEO keywords that will help clients have an easier time finding your videos. Once you’ve broken down the video you can then have a blog post written about each section of the video.

Posting the Content to the Sites

Posting your content to sharing sites is very easy. After you have edited your video and your blog posts to your satisfaction you simply post the blog post and your video link to all of your social media sites. Once you do that, all of your information will be easily accessible for future clients. Remember to keep your local SEO content for Carlsbad updated and try to make it as interesting and informative as possible.

If you have any questions about local SEO content Carlsbad, posting to social media sites or any other marketing issues, feel free to contact Ryan Steinolfson at (619) 313-4895.