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Content Marketing Strategy in Escondido: Three Steps To Get To The Top Of Google

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Improving Your Google Ranking

Your Google ranking is where your website appears on the search page when someone does a search for your business. Your ultimate goal is to have your website appear in the first few links on the Google search page. Reaching the top of Google is the best way to bring more clients to your business. Ryan Steinolfson of Accelerate Marketing, Inc. has come up with a content marketing strategy in Escondido that will help you improve your ranking on Google.

Create Video Content

One of the easiest ways to get your business concepts out to the public is to create videos. Video is one of the most powerful mediums available to advertise your company. Ryan Steinolfson recommends using Google Hangout to create a video for your business. He suggests doing a 20-minute video about your company. You can do it in the form of a FAQ where you can address the most common 6 to 10 questions potential clients may have about your business. After you have made your video, you can use the Youtube editing tool to break the video down into smaller 2 to 3 minute sections. This allows you to have a blog post written about each topic that you have spoken about in your video.

Blog Posts

Once you have edited your video into smaller parts, you will want to have a blog post written about the topic addressed in that part of the video. If you feel that you are unable to write your own content, you may want to hire a content writer to provide the blog posts for your site. Now you have more content to post to your website. This will give your clients more information about your business.

MP3 and PDF Files

Two other ways to get content onto your website is to create MP3 files and a PDF file. You can make an MP3 file of the sections of the video that you edited and embed them into the blog post written about that section of the video. You can also embed a PDF file into the blog post containing a written transcript of the video.

What Do I Do With This Content?

Now that you have a blog post, a video, a PDF transcript and an MP3 file, what should you do with them? All four of these media will appear on one page on your website. This content can also be posted to all of your social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Google Community, Blogger and any other sites that you have. Ryan Steinolfson suggests posting your content to social media sites every two weeks to show a consistent content creation strategy that answers questions that potential clients have about your business. Doing this allows you to use all of Googles assets to get your message out to the general public.

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